Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's Wrong With America

Over the last few months, these people have started popping up all over Knoxville. They protest various labor-related disputes. They're set up on Middlebrook to protest a subcontractor that worked on KOC's new clinic. They've set up in front of a couple of Food City stores because their employees voted against unionizing. These guys are set up near a construction site in Bearden.

The right to protest is one of the things that makes America great. But these people are dead wrong. They are, in fact, protetsting the fact that, in this down economy, people are actually taking jobs and going to them every day, earning an honest living. They're mad the union isn't getting a cut.

So how do they protest? In lawn chairs with umbrellas and coolers. That's what makes me the most angry. Instead of going to real jobs and earning an honest living, these people are being paid to work on their tans next to a large sign.

They aren't hurting for cash either. The vehicle they were "working" out of appeared to be a very nice new truck. I ran the plates, and in fact it is a new truck that they paid over $30k for just a few months ago. Must be a nice job.

Check out any of their "protest" signs. They're sitting in lawn chairs just hanging out all day. The most "work" the guy pictured heredid on Friday was demanding that I delete the pictures I took of him.

See? Even he's embarassed by what he's doing. He should be. Forget Merit Construction, Shame on Him.

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