Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back at it.

Before today, my last post on this sinking ship known as my blog was November 19, 2009. Lane Kiffin was still UT's football coach. Miley Cyrus was still in her horrible music-making prime. Nobody knew who Rebecca Black was.

So what happened? I got Twitter. It's quick, easy, and worked on my phone. For all of their world-dominating ways, Google has struggled with making Blogger mobile-friendly.

But, I've been fortunate enough to start contributing to and on a semi-frequent basis over the last few months, and those contributions will become more frequent in the near future. You'll notice I've linked to most of my features over the last year here in the blog. I'll continue to link to the full stories posted there. I'll also run some fresh stuff here, maybe excerpts from interviews that were cut from a story, sometime full stories that I'll write but we just don't have a place for on the UT sites.

You'll also notice that I haven't monetized the blog, so I'm not making anything off of it. It wouldn't be fair or appropriate to gain financially from some of the behind-the-scenes access that I'm granted to write and to help out at events.

Hope you enjoy what's been posted and what's coming soon.

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