Monday, June 15, 2009


An unfortunate casualty of last week's digital TV conversion was my beloved handheld Casio TV. With no slot to fit a converter, it is now useless. A victim of forced obsolescence, the Casio had served me well since 2001.

Purchased for me at KMart, of all places, by my mother for my 18th birthday, the TV was a trusted friend and companion on many nights spent in a dorm working various UT sports camps. While "working" basketball camp that summer, I was able to watch Dale Jr's triumph in Daytona on its 4-inch screen.

In the later years, the Casio was quite handy for watching shows and having background noise during many hard-fought NCAA Football battles on the PS2 and later PS3.

A great friend, the Casio was felled 11 days shy of its 8th birthday. Goodbye, old friend.

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